Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Bangkok Cinema Scene special: Thailand International Film Destination Festival, February 4-12, 2015

Now in its third year, the Thailand Film Office's Thailand International Film Destination Festival – a showcase of foreign films made in Thailand – has 10 movies screening from Saturday until Wednesday at Paragon Cineplex. The line-up is as follows:

Saturday, February 7

  • 5.30pm – The Lost Medallion – Youngsters travel back in time after they encounter a mysterious medallion. They then come to the aid of peaceful islanders who are enslaved by a diabolical warlord. With Q-and-A afterward.
  • 8pm – Pernicious – A dream trip to Thailand for some young women turns into a nightmare when they accidently awaken the evil spirit of a murdered child. With director's Q-and-A afterward.

Sunday, February 8

  • 5.30pm – The Prince and Me: The Elephant Adventure – A direct-to-video offering in a tween-girl-oriented franchise, the story has the former-commoner princess and her blue-blood husband visiting a fictional Southeast Asian kingdom and getting mixed up in a jungle conflict with the locals. Stars include Selina Lo, doing some decent action sequences, and noted newcomer actor Vithaya Pansringarm (Only God Forgives, The Last Executioner) in his debut role. Of course, a Q-and-A follows.
  • 8pm – Pale Moon – Winner of the Audience Award at last year's Tokyo film fest, this Japanese drama follows the moral decline of a housewife and bank employee who suddenly turns into an embezzler and embarks on an affair with a much younger man.

Monday, February 9

  • 5.30pm – It's Entertainment – Akshay Kumar stars in this Bollywood comedy as a hapless guy who suddenly learns his true father is a very wealthy man. However, before the rich guy learns he has a son, he dies and leaves his fortune to his dog. Followed by Q-and-A.
  • 8pm – Stretch – Infamously, this the film David Carradine was in Bangkok for in 2009 when he died under mysterious circumstances. A French-produced thriller, it's about a disgraced horse-racing jockey who seeks to restart his career in Macau, but runs into conflict with a crooked trainer and local gangsters.

Tuesday, February 10

  • 5.30pm – Bikers Kental – A Malaysian guy on a motorcycle journey through Thailand falls for a local lass. Followed by Q-and-A.
  • 8pm – Zero Tolerance – Thai director Wych Kaosayananda, infamous for his universally panned Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever, returns to the scene with this gritty action film featuring direct-to-video butt-kickers Scott Adkins and Gary Daniels along with Vietnamese star Dustin Nguyen. Followed by Q-and-A.

Wednesday, February 11

  • 5.30pm – Last Flight – A Chinese production, this thriller tracks the crew and passengers of a late night flight over the Pacific encountering supernatural phenomena. Ed Westwick of Gossip Girl is among the stars. Followed by Q-and-A.
  • 8pm – The Railway Man – Colin Firth stars in this biopic about a former prisoner-of-war from Death Railway of World War II. Taking in the actual Kanchanaburi locations that include the famous railway bridge, the film follows Firth's character as he seeks to make peace with his Japanese captor. Nicole Kidman, Stellan Skarsgaard and Jeremy Irvine also star. Followed by Q-and-A.

Admission is free, but as with most of these "free" festivals there's a catch – you'll have to first register by phone and then pick up your tickets from a special table in the cinema lobby 30 minutes before showtime. To register, call 091-757-0467 or 091-757-1067.

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